Friday, December 18, 2009

F (the past two months of) My Life!

One reason I started this blog was because I found myself with an abundance of couch time following a car accident not too long ago. Let's start from the beginning:
About two months ago I was was rear ended while waiting at a red light. The accident seemed minor enough at first, although my mothers car (go figure I wouldn't be driving my whip which desperately needs replacing) was totaled. I was hit by a man driving a semi-esque pick-up truck, not exactly sure how fast but hit with enough force to push into four cars ahead of mine. I was extremely disoriented, one minute I was staring aimlessly - and apparently slightly off to the right- and the next there was a severe burning sensation turned numbness on the left side of my face. I hit my head in the middle of the steering wheel, resulting in a burn across my cheek bone in the shape of a Lexus symbol and a quickly growing eye lid. After what seemed like hours talking to the cops and finally being cleared of a concussion at the ER, I was sent home with a black eye and enough painkillers to keep my bitching to the minimum.

That would have been a very boring, pointless story. But a few days after the accident I visited my GP for a follow up as the bruising and swelling of my eye was pretty significant. Long story short, an emergency visit to the optometrist followed by an even more urgent visit to the ophthalmologist had me knowing something wasn't right. What the ER failed to notice in the CT scans was that I had blown out the side of my orbital wall and was suffering what is called enophthalmos with herniated orbital content. Basically the part of my eye socket separating my nasal cavity had been shattered and my eye and surrounding eye goo was moving into the cavity. Gross. I was booked for surgery the next week and given a lot more painkillers.

I could make this a long, drawn out account about how my quality of life plummeted the weeks that followed. I could rant about how the accident was just two days before my favorite holiday, Halloween, and how one of my most awesome costumes to date is still sitting in a shopping bag with the tags on somewhere in my closet. I could pour my heart about the strain it put on some of my personal relationships, and the mind numbing amount of down time that fueled my ever over analyzing thoughts. Or I could whine about my depleted bank account after being out of work for three weeks.

But I won't. Now that the ordeal is somewhat over (other than scarring, daily discomfort, high chance of glaucoma, the need for monthly optometrist check ups, and the now permanently damaged personal relationship) I feel that I have simply lost two months of my life, and they are two I do not want back. In my latest, though definitely not the last, visit with my amazing ophthalmologist I was prescribed what is to be my last medication. I think this one - a steroid to help with scarring and swelling - better sums up my experience than any amount of vicoden or antibiotics, flowers or get well cards.

This little tube says it all, and I can't wait to be done with it!


I do have to add - since this post turned out a lot more depressing and whiny than the witty, sarcastic bit I had intended to write - that I am very thankful to come out of all this with fine vision, both eyes looking straight forward and to have LOTS of friends that did come through and support me. Maybe if I ever write a more personal, insightful blog I can include more of the obscenities that really took a toll on me mentally, but especially for legal and insurance purposes, this should suffice. Much love.

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  1. I cant believe that stuff is called FML hahahaha! I liked this post and I'm glad your getting better, and things are really looking up (no pun intended) for Denver lately! Good gypsy signs from all of our gypsy dances woop woop!