Monday, November 30, 2009

Have yourself another dose

St. Petersburg Technological University professor, Yevgeny Mokslaev, has discovered a method in which alcohol can be converted into a powder to be packed into pills. Yes, alcohol pills. Potentially, you can have your choice of drink (or is that drug?) as the new technique can solidify any type of alcohol: liquors, wines, beers and cognac.

When first stumbling upon this story, I thought there is no way this will ever be legal in the US. How easily and obviously will it be abused? Right away I'm imaging alcoholics, suicidals and frat boys cheering in unison. Now, I am none of these, but I personally do not care for the taste of alcohol and the idea of poppin' a pill to get my buzz on doesn't sound too bad. Rather, convenient actually. So when can have my doctor scribble me up a prescription?

The concept of getting absolutely hosed by tossing back a few doses is still one that has not - should not and probably would not - been made. These pills apparently have weak results and tastes like candle wax. Its true usefulness lies in foods, where the alcohol pills could be used as some sort of garnish. Mokslaev says he prefers his in ice cream.

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